Current Series

For God so loved the world, He gave his only Begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting live.

God love us first, shown by his giving of his only begotten Son - Jesus.

We respond to His love by loving him.

The Bible tells us that first Commandment is to love God with all we are.

We are then to love others as we love ourselves.

We must see that Loving ourselves directly relates to understanding the we are valuable to God. This was proven by the death of Jesus,

Seeing we are valuable we do all we can to live fulfilled lives.

But in the same manner we should love others, so that they may have a fulfilled life.

True fulfillment only comes when we become a follower of Jesus because then we are born again the faith response to God's call to follower Jesus. (believing that he died for our sins, that he rose again from the dead, and calling on God to save our souls for eternity.

When we believe we receive the Holy Spirit of God.

And through the Holy Spirits indwelling all we are,  we become God's children.

God is eternal, God is righteous, God is just, God is merciful, and God is Gracious, and forgives us our our wrong doings because through the death of Jesus the wages of sin were paid for and in faith in Jesus that payment is applied to the believes account. Thus they become a temple, a dwelling place for the Spirit of God.

Change will take place in a person that is truly saved.

A new love is injected into the heart of the believer, it is the love of God that is far above all earthly love.

When we then operated in the every day life encounters we will demonstrate God's great love in all we do, think, feel, engage in.

Because we are born again of God!