These are places that you can get plugged into now!




We are passionate about making every single person who walks in the door feel welcomed and feel like they belong. If you share that passion and want to help out, click here and let us know you want to serve!




The BHBC Outreach Ministry is focused on serving people in our church and in the local community through yardwork, meal preparation, woodwork/craftsmanship, and other related tasks. If you'd like to join us or for more information, click here.




We love that you are interested in serving with us. Student ministry is not possible without many volunteers. If you are interested in serving with our students, click here to find information about each team. We’d love for you to choose one or two that you feel the Lord has gifted you to serve in. Please keep in mind that we do not want you to sign-up for too much where it becomes a burden for you or keeps you from others pouring into you. Click here to sign up to serve.




Greeters and Ushers are a vital part in our Sunday Morning Services. If this is something you'd like to be a part of, please contact




Our church is in need of people who are willing to drive vans to help pick up people who need rides to church. Please contact here: Bus Ministry  for more information!




The Connection Team is an integral part of our church. They help new visitors and members get plugged into our church. They man the kiosk stations every Sunday at various times on the hunt to help people get plugged into small groups and other groups our church has to offer. If you click the link below, you'll be taken to our online training that you can complete on your own time at your own pace! Click here to sign up.